Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The authentic you is the best you.

Huntington Bank is built on the diversity of our team members — the one-of-a-kind talents, backgrounds, and work styles that each of our colleagues brings to their roles here. We believe this so strongly that we’ve chosen inclusion as a guiding principle. At every level of our organization, from the inside out, our commitment to inclusion demonstrates an understanding and acceptance of diverse points of view, abilities, backgrounds, and experience.

To support our commitment to fostering an inclusive and engaging work environment for all, our colleagues came together and created Business Resource Groups, Inclusion Councils, and Communities of Practice.

Diversity and Inclusion at Huntington

Business Resource Groups (BRGs)

What is BRG?
Our Business Resource Groups provide opportunities for colleagues to come together around a shared interest or common diversity dimension, aligning with Huntington's purpose to look out for people. Creating space for increased colleague-volunteer engagement, the BRGs are a vital component of our Welcome brand, allowing all colleagues to be heard, valued, and engaged across segments. Enterprise-wide, all BRGs are Welcome to all Colleagues. We believe they play a vital role in our inclusion strategy. Out BRGs include:

  • AdaptAbility

  • African American

  • Asian and Pacific Islander

  • Emerging Professionals

  • HOLA

  • Green Team

  • Pride Alliance

  • Military

  • Women’s Network

Welcome to Huntington

Inclusion Councils (ICs)

Like our Business Resource Groups, Inclusion Councils create space for you to engage outside of your everyday job to develop yourself, support local business initiatives, and be heard. Our ICs are another way that we bring Welcome to life. We have ICs in the following locations/regions:

  • Mahoning/Akron/Canton
  • Central Ohio
  • Illinois/Wisconsin
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota/Colorado
  • Northwest Ohio
  • Southern Ohio/Kentucky
  • Western Pennsylvania/Ohio Valley

Community of Practice (CoP)

Get involved in a Community of Practice group where you can learn and evolve with other colleagues who have common goals. By sharing information and experiences with each other, you have an opportunity to develop personally and professionally and help solve company-wide challenges. CoPs include:

  • Administrative and Support Professionals
  • Cancer Support
  • Immigrant
  • Semicolon

By joining the above groups, you’ll benefit by:

  • Feeling acknowledged by your peers
  • Raising cultural awareness
  • Having the opportunity to form meaningful relationships with mentors
  • Working on professional development
  • Helping attract diverse talent
  • Building a community with remote employees
  • Networking and socializing with colleagues

Military Support

If you’re a Huntington colleague and must leave to perform active or training service, we offer our full- and whole-hearted support. A few of our programs include:

  • Military Leave
  • Pay for Pre-/Post-Deployment
  • Military Training Pay
  • Deployment Support — Access to resources and programs to assist you and your family through all phases of your deployment and in your transition back to work